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Why choose SaiRam Institute of Higher studies as your Overseas Education Consultant?

Are you worried about your career and also thinking about your dream university? 

If you choose the best college or university and take a good quality of information that may enhance your knowledge, and give a good career option and immense growth for your career.

In the consultation sector, there are many options are available
You can go with online videos to get guidance and info about colleges.

But, there is no guarantee that you will find accurate information about your dream universities and colleges.
Choosing a college and making a decision about your future is not an easy task
It will take lots of effort and time..
For that reason, we always recommend going with the experts.. 

If you tried a lot and unable to find one 

Then this blog will give you detailed information about the Best Education consultant in India SaiRam Institute of Higher Studies who can help you in every steps to choose your dream university

Why do we need an education consultant for students? 

An education consultant is an expert who helps and provides counseling to many students. 

They provide the maximum education options to explore the student’s knowledge for better understanding and easily choose the better option for the career.

With the help of an Overseas Education Consultant, the student will take guidelines and advice from global universities and courses beyond their territory.
This steps will help you reduce the burden and you can avoid the lengthy process.

We provide guidance in different areas for the student:-

  1. Understand the student profile and choose the career for the student.
  2. They select the best university all over the world with the help of student profile.
  3. They also help in the admission cycle and prepare for a visa application.
  4. They also prepare the interview, guide the living expenses, and help in the IELTS exam (English test).
  5. After completing the whole process, they also manage and guide the financial support and expenses before going abroad.

All about SaiRam Institute: Best Overseas Education Consultant

  1. SaiRam Institute is the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India, opening the door for all students and parents. They help to choose the most valuable career and best overseas universities for the student.
  2. Many high professionals and experts from SaiRam will help students to choose the right career path.
  3. SaiRam education institute provides career counselling and personality development courses. They help in the admission process and also help to assist the student 24/7.
  4. The Sairam also helps in scholarship to help in the best overseas universities according to the student profile.
  5. This institute placed many students in many universities worldwide within reasonable cost of charges.
  6. The vision of the Sairam is to reach every talented student through career assessment and counselling for a better future. The mission of this institute is to analyze the student’s hidden talents and guide them for a better future.

Facilities available at Sairam:

1-Assessment of the career:- Choosing a clear career path, deeply analyzing the student profile, and finding the best global universities for a student in your country and overseas. 

2- Counselling the student career:- There are several course programs after 12th and graduation, but you need a course counselor to choose the appropriate course. They help in career counseling, Guidelines, appropriate course selection for your needs, and help choose your universities.

3- Skill Training: If the student chooses the overseas country, they will help the student’s English proficiency test for eligibility in written and verbal.
This institute also helps the exams such as GMAT, TOEFL, PTE, and many more. 

4-Student Placement in the college:- After completing all processes and seeing the student profile and academic data, they placed the student in the universities.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

The Sairam has 11+ years of experience in this field with globally recognized. They take admission to 1075+ students and 5000 scholarships available for students, and they do not take any donations. In addition, they provide free counseling given through experts, and the tuition fee is affordable.  

1- Admission Guidelines:-  After completing the whole process, The SaiRam Institute personally checks the student document offline and online by the expert. They see all the student’s offer letters and analyze which universities are suitable for the student.

2-Education Loan and Scholarship: If the student gets an offer letter, they also get help to take a loan from the bank. The bank gives the best price for tuition fees, books cost, and living expenses. We Give a better understanding of all the various scholarships that are provided through universities.

3- Helping in Visa processing:-  After completing the visa processing and admission process, they also guide university interviews, job guidance, lodging, etc. They updated all the information to students by the online or offline way.  

After completing the visa processing and admission process, they also guide university interviews, job guidance, lodging, etc.

4- Tie-ups with many top universities:- They Tie-Ups with many top Medical universities, Technical universities, nursing colleges, and many other colleges worldwide. These universities are located in China, Russia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, India and many more


Many students are worried about their careers path and choosing colleges
That’s the reason SaiRam Institute comes into the picture, which is India’s Best Overseas Education Consultant that successfully placed many students in overseas universities and colleges. 

You can contact us to know more details about choosing an overseas / Indian university. 

Also, you can go through  this blog, which can easily help you to see all the necessary details about us

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