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Confused What to Pick? Study MBBS Abroad or Drop 1 year?

Are you confused? what option to choose, Study MBBS Abroad or drop for a year and prepare for the medical exam:


1. You should need to know all the facts related to both questions.

2. We give you a few things that you keep in your mind while selecting the option for your great future.

3. We will also give you some vital points necessary for a better option, so continue reading this blog.

About MBBS:-

MBBS is the most popular professional degree that helps to become a doctor.

In addition, the duration of this course is 5 to 6 years, including a one-year internship.

During the training, you can go to health camps in different cities or centers.

For MBBS, students pass the exam with good marks for the government college in India; otherwise, you choose a private college that is not affordable for middle-class families.

In addition, the average fee for an MBBS course is around 20 lakh to 1 crore.

About the NEET exam:– The NEET is the national eligibility entrance exam for MBBS and BDS program in India.

In addition, this is the pre-medical test for students conducted by NTA(National Testing Agency). The availability of seats in MBBS and BDS colleges is 90,000.

The NEET exam is conducted for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. In 2021, 16.14 lakh students gave the exam.

What are the pros and cons of dropping a year:-

There are several reasons to drop the one year, but firstly you should know about the positive and negative side while choosing this option.

The advantage for taking a drop a year

1- Drop a year. Firstly, you have enough time to clear the medical exam use this time to make a proper plan for your study.

Secondly, you have a lot of time to retrieve your mistake In addition, you have some experience, and then you give the time on your weak side that helps to increase your marks.

2- If you are taking a drop, you use this time to solve a lot of sample papers, quizzes, and questions. So, you can easily enhance your knowledge and easily crack the medical college and gain the benefits of dropping a year.

Dark side for taking a drop:-

We know that life is not a bed of flowers as similar to the drop selection. 

Let’s discuss the drawback point and give some solutions:-

1- NEET is not an easy exam to crack, the success ratio of the exam is also very less.. so make a 2nd plan or plan B if you are taking a drop

2- Most of the students suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally if it’s more than 2 years in the same exam but unable to clear …Because they feel regret during this year when they see their friends joining the other colleges and having fun and progress in their career..

so if you are determined too strong about your medical career then only go for this one

3- You are alone in this journey. Then, you will feel alone, and some negative things will come to your mind like why you did not select the private college, why you dropped a year and missed your fun, friend and more things. So do not be affected by this situation and focus on your dream.

If you are feeling anything above we mentioned we have another option for you

You can study your dream MBBS course abroad just by passing NEET Exam


If you choose Study MBBS Abroad

Many opportunities come when choosing MBBS for overseas countries.

Let’s discuss an interesting point about Study Mbbs abroad

1- Tuition Fee:– Study Mbbs abroad is not a big deal.

Every country has a different tuition fee for MBBS. In addition, a few countries like Russia take 15 to 30 lakh. In Ukraine, it is around 20 to 30 lakh, and the average fee of Bangladesh is around 16 lakh. The plus point is that aboard countries take only NEET qualified certification.

If you are looking for an affordable study you can go abroad.

2- High quality of education:– The overseas universities use the latest technology, machines and have an advanced lab. In addition, the facilitator uses new teaching techniques for students, and the degree is approved by all the countries.

3- Facilities:- Abroad countries provide the high- class facilities to international students. Like Russia government gives subsidies to students that can efficiently deliver the tuition fee, and Bangladesh reserves the 25 ℅ seats for international students.

4- Huge job opportunities:- There are various scopes and career opportunities for MBBS abroad. Students who complete the course from abroad like Russia and Bangladesh have an excellent chance because all the universities are recognized by WHO.

and get a handsome salary. In addition, they provide the internship after completing the course.

5- Culture:-You make new international friends abroad. You can learn a new language and adapt to different countries from the people.

Disadvantages of Study MBBS Abroad:-

1- Weather:- In some countries, freezing and harsh winters are here like Canada, USA, Russia and more. In addition, the temperature of Russia in winter is around -1 to -25 degrees c. This kind of harsh weather sometimes is not suitable for students.

2- language:- Sometimes, students face difficulties because of the language. For example, some countries do not speak English, such as Russia, China, and Ukraine. So they face a problem initially understanding and communicating.

3- Homesickness: The student is far away from home because of Study Mbbs abroad, and they miss the family and face many problems while Study Mbbs abroad like – cooking, living.

If you can survive those problems easily we recommend going abroad to Study Mbbs abroad.

Final Note:-

This blog gives you all the necessary information while choosing both options for Studying Mbbs abroad. In addition, we only suggest that if you focus on consistency in your study and work hard, you select the drop option; otherwise, abroad is the best option for MBBS because they provide the best facilities, affordable fees, and job opportunities for students.

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