Study Mbbs In Fujian Medical University

Strong Reasons to study mbbs in Fujian Medical University?

Do you want to complete your MBBS degree from China?

However, there are many private medical universities to study mbbs in china. 

So, without wasting your time, firstly, you should check the details of the Fujian Medical University because it is the best college for studying mbbs in china. 

So, from this blog, we will give you all the information about this college.

All about the Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University is a famous medical college for studying mbbs in china. The university is located at Fuzhou, Fujian in China, and was established in 1937. 

Fujian Medical University has two campuses that are spread over 876,710 square meters. 

The Fujian Medical University provides 5 years of theoretical knowledge to the student. After that, the student does a one-year internship at the top of a hospital in China. 

Some facts about Fujian Medical University

1- The Fujian Medical University has 17 schools, colleges, and 6 affiliated medical hospitals.

2- The university has 12000 plus undergraduate students, 2,200 master’s student studies in the university.

3- In the Fujian Medical University, around 5638 professionals and higher skills facilitators in college and hospital.

4- The facilitators used the English language for teaching and talked to the Indian or international students.

5- The university achieves many rewards and honors from society.

Why did we choose to study mbbs at Fujian Medical University?

1- Students can quickly get admission for study mbbs in Fujian Medical University. After completing the MBBS degree, the certification is accepted worldwide. 

2- They have many skilled doctors, teachers, and professors in medical universities and hospitals to study mbbs.

3- The MBBS tuition fee of Fujian Medical University is relatively low. In addition, they do not take any donation fees from overseas students. They provide internship opportunities and scholarships to international students.

4-The university provides high-class infrastructure and hostel facilities to international students for study mbbs in china.

5- The University provides a separate bathroom and all the needed facilities, and internet accessibility.

6- Students can learn about the multiple cultures during their study mbbs in china. 

7- They used the advanced and latest technology in the labs. So, students can quickly research, explore, experiment, and gain more beneficial information about the medical field.

After this, know what students take advantage of when they study mbbs at Fujian Medical University.

Now, see what the cost of doing MBBS from Fujian Medical University is? 

Fee structure:

The total fee for doing MBBS from Fujian Medical University is 21, 37, 800 INR. Let’s see the other fee to study mbbs at Fujian Medical University.

1- The first-year tuition fee is around 3, 67, 500. It includes the hostel fee (42,000INR), Application fee(10, 500 INR), Registration fee(2,100 INR), Physical Examination(4,200 INR), Visa insurance(14,700 INR).

2- In the second to the fifth year, they take 3,67500 INR. 

Eligibility Criteria to study mbbs in Fujian Medical University

 1- Candidate must be 17 years old. 

2- Students have scored at least 60% in their 12th class.

3- Passports for study mbbs in china. 

4-NEETs qualify with a minimum score. 

5- In grade 12, candidates are in the science block (physics, chemistry, biology), and English is compulsory.

Necessary Documents :

1- Mark sheets of 10,11, 12th class. 

2- Fitness certified. 

3- Passport documents. 

4- NEET documents. 

5- Birth Certificate and transfer certificates.

6- Letter of offer from the university. 

7- Students have 10 passport-sized photos. 

8- Student and parent bank statements. 

9- Identity papers. 

10- Students have affidavits and health insurance. 

11- No criminal record.

Fujian Medical University Ranking: 

Firstly, choose this college for study mbbs in Fujian Medical University. You should check the ranking. 

The world ranking of Fujian Medical University is 1235. 

In addition, the national ranking of this university is 136, and Fujian Medical University’s research performance ranking is 1189. 

You can see that the overall ranking of Fujin Medical is 68th.

Note:- The cost of studying mbbs in china is low if we compare it with private colleges in India. Almost 48 universities are liked by the Medical Council of India(MCI). The living expenses are also relatively low in china.

Bottom line: From this blog, we give many reasons to choose Fujian Medical University for the MBBS course in China. Also provides essential information about this university for study mbbs in china, so you should read it before studying mbbs in Fujian Medical University. 

In addition, they also provide many good facilities such as a dormitory, internet service, hygienic foods and other facilities for international students. Here the university also offers scholarships to foreign students. So, you can choose to study mbbs at Fujian Medical University.

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