Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

Do you want to Study abroad for MBBS? 

Mbbs in Kyiv Medical University can be your best option.

As you enter the final stage of higher secondary, you must have started thinking about your career, and it is a critical year that will shape your entire career. 

We are bringing you a blog that will enhance your decision-making and provide you with essential details about the Kyiv Medical University to get better jobs in medicine. So, keep reading. 

Ukraine university: Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

The Kyiv medical university was founded in 1992 and is most popular for Indian and overseas students.

 In addition, this university is situated in Kyiv city in Ukraine and recognized as Kyiv medical university of UAFM.

The course duration of MBBS in this university is 6 years, including a one-year internship. Starting 3 years, they only focus on theoretical knowledge. After completing a 3-year course, students go for clinical training and practicals in affiliated hospitals.

The university has 350 plus professional and highly skilled trainers, facilitators who will help students in various departments. 

In addition, the facilitator uses the English language in class and during the exam, training, and giving the instructions. The university is affiliated with many hospitals that can help students easily practice and explore professional skills. 

 An interesting fact about Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

1- The university recognizes health organizations such as WHO, MCI, UNESCO, NMC, GMC. So, they give equality of education, various scholarships, and universities do not take any donations.

2- They do not take any entrance exam for admission, and then overseas students can easily get admission to this university. But neet is mandatory 

3- After completing the course, the degree is recognized globally. 

So, the student has a great opportunity to work in different countries as well as Ukraine and India

4- The cost of living in Kyiv city is more affordable for international students, and it costs around 120 to 150 USD which is affordable and less expensive than other countries.

5- Several overseas students take admission to this university because they provide reasonable tuition fees with lots of facilities. In addition, currently, more than 4000 Indian students are doing MBBS from this university. 

6- The ranking of this University in Ukraine is 181 positions, and they occupied the 12800 rankings worldwide. 

Eligibility criteria: Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

1- The candidate should be 17 years old, and the maximum age is 25 years for admission.

2- The candidate belongs to the science stream in 12th. For the general category, they have a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology, and English. For Sc/ ST category, they take at least 40℅ in above the subjects.

3- Qualified NEET exam. 

If you complete this eligibility, you can easily get in for the admission cycle in Kyiv medical university. 

Documents required: Kyiv Medical University.

Here are essential documents that should take before getting admission to Kyiv medical university. 

1- Students should have passport size photos.

2- Passport Document

3- Birth and character Certificate.

4- 10 and 12 academic results. 

5- Student Visa.

6- The student has an Offer letter from the university. 

Fee structure: Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

Let’s see the tuition fee, hostel fee of this college.

The total fee of Kyiv medical university is low compared with other countries like the UK, US, and Russia. So, from the past few years, the number of overseas students has increased in MBBS courses.

They take 1 to 6-year MBBS tuition fee from the student is around 17,15,000 INR and total hostel fee is 3,50,000 INR of the overseas student. 

Why choose Study MBBS In Kyiv Medical University

1- The Kyiv medical university provides training programs in different countries like Germany and Poland. 

In addition, During the summer training, the university offers real health care facilities programs to the students, which help with research and gain real time medical experience.

3- More than 350 professional trainers belong to the Bachelors, Masters and P.H.D students that help train the students. 

4- They provide affordable  Hostel accommodation with beds, matters, blankets, and camera security, to an international student.

5- The ranking of this college is good and that it is a very popular and reputed college for an overseas student to do an MBBS course. 

6- When the international student passes the MCI exam and one-year internship, they can practice in India. 

7- In terms of teaching they focus on a small group of students in class that may easily understand the syllabus and interact with each other. 

8- They focus on learning the  local language From the first-year 

In this case, the overseas student easily contacts local people and makes new friends. So, they do not suffer from homesickness.

9- More than 3900 students in the study and around 700 doing internships from this college. In addition, 35% of international students from 62 countries are studying in this college. 

Final thought:-

From this blog, you find many reasons and vital information about this college. 

We suggest you check out this college because they provide lots of facilities and various scholarships to international students.

 The local people are friendly and also university facilitators. 

There are several job opportunities for the student because they are affiliated with top medical health organisations. 

So, If you want to start your MBBS abroad career you can choose MBBS course from this college.

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