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Why Studying at Yangzhou Medical University is best for Indian student

Are you looking for admission for an MBBS course in an overseas country?

Then you can consider one of the finest universities that are  Yangzhou Medical University situated in China to be the best for both Indian students and international students to study. 

This university is quite old, as it was established in the year of 1902 in China. 

In the year 1958, from ‘Subei Health School’, the college of medicine at Yangzhou University was evolved. It was renamed ‘Yangzhou Medical College’ in the year 1984

In addition, Yangzhou  University has six colleges that belong to different fields, and it is the first college in China established for the study of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 

However, firstly, we will highlight Yangzhou University after that some vital details of this university that you must know before getting admission to this college. So, keep reading and see more. 

Significant Highlights of Yangzhou Medical University

As we know Yangzhou Medical University is the top medical college in China. 

You will get a good quality of study with the help of experienced doctors, trainers, and teachers. 

The university gained a rank among the top ten universities in China. 

The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years, including a one-year internship for students.

Let’s see some other specific reasons to choose this college for the MBBS course in China.

1- The Yangzhou Medical University has a 91 ranking in China and occupies 895 orders worldwide. 

2- Around 33,000 Undergraduate and 9000 postgraduates are currently studying from this college.

3- They have 1 state-level teaching demonstration center and a teaching team for better learning for students.

4- The University introduced the combined study of Western and Chinese in China.

Benefits to MBBS at Yangzhou Medical University

1- The Yangzhou Medical University is affiliated with several hospitals, research centers, and clinics. So Students can easily practice on actual patients and explore their knowledge.

2-  They offer an affordable MBBS fee to International and local students.

3– There is no need to learn the Chinese language because they conducted the class in the English language for students.

4- They provide 24 hours security for boys and girls in the hostel and campus.

5- The facilitators and trainers of Yangzhou University are friendly and highly skilled. So, students can quickly contact them.

6-  Yangzhou Medical University uses the latest technology and medical instruments in laboratories, seminars, and classrooms.

7- They provide high-class facilities for medical research. The university completed 300 plus research projects in China. 

8- The library of the Yangzhou Medical University is vast because it has around 4.29 million books, 2.567 million ebooks, 140 databases, and more than 1000 e- journals.

9- College provides various scholarships such as the Chinese Government Scholarship,

Confucius Institute Scholarship,

Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship,

Yangzhou University Scholarship, etc to the International students.

After all information about this college, firstly, you should focus on the fee structure of the Yangzhou Medical University for MBBS. 

Fee structures: Yangzhou Medical University 

Studying at Yangzhou Medical University takes a low tuition fee from the international students. 

The cost of pursuing MBBS is around 20- 22 lakhs in China, and it is less if we compare it with other overseas countries such as the US, UK, Russia, and India. 

There are various fee types that they give from the student.

1- The application fee for the student is 400 RMB. ~ 4,639INR

2- The Residence permit fee is 400 RMB/ year 

3– The registration fee is 400 RMB for overseas students.

4- They take an Insurance fee of 600 RMB/ year.

5- The bedding cost is 200 RMB ~ 2300INR, and the living price is around 500 to 1000 / month.

6- The tuition fee cost of the MBBS course is approx 22, 000 RMB / year. ~ 2,55,167INR

If you want to get admission to Yangzhou university then you look at the eligibility criteria of the student.

Eligibility criteria:

Before take the decision take a look on eligibility criteria that help to reach the admission cycle in the university.

1- The age of the candidate should be 17 to 25 years.

2- The candidate completes higher secondary from a recognized board and belongs to the science stream.

3- Students should have at least 50% marks in 10+2 levels.

Document for admission

Before getting admission, you must have these documents.

1- 10 and 12 results.

2– Residential record.

3- Passport document.

4- Welcome letter from the university.

5- Student visa.

6- Medical documents.

7- Identity proof.

8- Passport size photo.

Final words:-  This is a reputed university in China for many reasons, 

One of the oldest and prestigious universities in china

 Highly skilled professors and trainers to train the students. 

They provide high-class facilities, advanced technologies, a lot of books, and scholarships to the students.

Cultural diversity is one of the best attractions to this place.

So, If you have a tight budget and want to study abroad, you should go to this college in China to pursue an MBBS course. So if you are an Indian student looking for help to study MBBS from the top medical university of China then your search stops here as you can choose University as per your choice from the list of top medical Universities with SaiRam Institute of Higher Studies. Contact Now!!

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