Study in National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

Study in National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

There are lots of MBBS universities in Ukraine. Do you know why  National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is the best?

One of the best reasons because  that medical universities give the best facilities and take a low tuition fee from the student across in Europe

So, if you want to start your MBBS journey, then Ukraine can be your best destination country.

This blog will give you the info before joining this college.

 Moreover, we also cover some details like tuition fees, eligibility, and other information that you must know. So, lets start

Highlights of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

1-The National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is the top University in Ukraine. 

It was founded in 1921. In the previous year, the university was named M.I.Pirogov. After a few years, this university awarded the order of honour.

2- The National Pirogov Memorial Medical University trained more than 44000 specialists and doctors. In addition, they have links with many research centres and laboratories. 

3- They provide the 12-semester program for MBBS that is complete in a 6-year duration with one year internship. 

4- The university had 35 departments. Around 645 highly skilled professors, 88 surgeons, 119 doctors, and other faculty members. 

5-The World ranking of this university is 5299 and holds the National ranking of 41.

Why did we choose National Pirogov Memorial Medical University to study MBBS in Ukraine? 

1- This university has a great experience of 90 years and is the most popular public medical university in Ukraine. So, it gives the best education and has the ability to train future doctors.

2- The University is recognized by the top health organisations such as WHO, NMC, GMC, AMC.So, after completing the medical course, the student can easily do an internship in a highly reputed hospital and also have an opportunity to get a job. 

3- They use  English, Russian, and Ukrainian as a mode of instruction in the university. So Dont worry to learn an additional language for study.

4- More than 150 Indian students are studying in this college. In addition, the college specially provides Indian food to the students in the canteen, hostel.

5- This university has 26 laboratories with the latest machine and many multimedia computers, it helps students in their practicals. 

6- The University has high-level professional trainers, teachers, and doctors who give students the best medical education. 

7- Ragging is prohibited. If any student does, then they will be punished by the college management. In addition, the teachers do not do any practicality with the student; they give the treatment as a local student. 

8- They provide a comfortable room for the students in the hostel. In addition, they use many cameras for the security of the student.

Tuition fee structure

It is necessary to know the expense before pursuing an MBBS. Its a decision making element 

The course cost is affordable for MBBS from the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University because the total tuition fee for the MBBS course is around 24,26,250 INR. 

If we compare it with other countries like India, Canada, the US, and the UK, they take an affordable cost for the MBBS course.

1st year they take 5,51,250 INR per year, and the fee for 2nd to  last year  is around 3,75,000 INR. Moreover, they take affordable  hostel fees which cost 500 USD per year. 

They also charge 550 USD per year for medical checkups, medical insurance, etc., and for some other cost, they take 1800 USD.

After seeing these details,  let’s see the conditions given by the university for the student to do MBBS from this college

Eligibility criteria: National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

1- The minimum age of the student is 17, and the maximum is 25 years. 

2- The student studies from the science stream and gains at least 50% marks in (Physics, Chemistry, Biology ).

3- English is compulsory in 10 and 12. 

4- Students cleared the NEET exam with a good score. 

Important documents

 As a responsible student, you must know what documents are needed during the MBBS admission cycle. 

1- The 10 and 12 school results. 

2- IELTS is acceptable but not mandatory.

3- Medical Certificate.

4- Birth Certificate.

5- Health Insurance.

6- Offer letter from the university.

7- passport size photo.

8- Student Visa application.

9- Passport.

Final word: Before going for MBBS admission in Ukraine, you should read all the information. In addition, this college offers a low tuition fee and gives high-class facilities to the International student. Moreover, the college get many awards from high authority board. 

In addition, the Visa processing and admissions process are easy compare to other countries 

If you clear the NEET exam, you are eligible because they do not take any extra entrance exam. 

After that, we suggest you join this college and complete your Medical degree abroad.

So, If you have a tight budget  and want to study abroad, you should go to this college in Ukraine to pursue an MBBS course. So if you are an Indian student looking for help to study MBBS from the top medical university of China then your search stops here as you can choose University as per your choice from the list of top medical Universities with SaiRam Institute of Higher Studies. Contact Now!!

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