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Want to study abroad? However, we first thought, who’s the best university abroad for the MBBS course? 

In this case, you have to gather all essential information before getting admission to the university. But, it is very hard to know all the information in one place. 

So, don’t worry because we give you all the information about the best university for doing MBBS at an affordable cost.

 From this blog, we give information about the best university in China, and its name is North Sichuan Medical University.

All about North Sichuan Medical University

The North Sichuan Medical University is a very popular medical student looking for the best college for pursuing MBBS. It was founded in 1951 and is located at Nanchong,  Sichuan city in China. 

They have a vast two campuses that spread in large areas. The mission of this college is to improve the medical services rapidly and provide them to the patient. The duration of the course is 5 years. 

Fact and figure:

1- The North Sichuan Medical University has 24 non-affiliated hospitals and 3 affiliated and has highly skilled doctors in hospitals.

2- Around 3,170 students are studying, whereas 370 international students are doing MBBS from this college. 

3- More than 1200 skilled professors, facilitators, trainers help students during the study, in the lab, and training. 

4- Around 13000 students are studying in the college that belongs to the undergraduate and postgraduate degree. 

5-  The ranking is 342nd in China and within 6000 worldwide. 

6- Currently, the North Sichuan Medical University has 13 research projects and 8 national and 5 from the ministry of education. In addition, they have many extra projects given by higher authorities.

7- They have a vast library where more than 930,000 books and multimedia computers and projectors are available.

Benefits for doing MBBS:

1- North Sichuan Medical University uses the English learning method during the study. So, the student can easily study with the language barrier in the class. In addition, many people communicate in the English language in China. 

2- Students can easily get admission without giving any entrance exam. If you only complete the eligibility criteria, you are eligible for admission.

3- They use advanced instruments, technology for research, and internships for students. So, students can easily get practice and learn new things in the medical field. 

4- The North Sichuan Medical University is officially affiliated with MCI, WHO, and has a great rank in the country and globally. So, it is a big opportunity to get a job at the top of the hospital in China, India, and other countries. In addition, the Indian student also practices in India after completing the MBBS course from China university.

5- The University provides advanced laboratories and academic facilities to overseas students. So, that helps during the research, training, and practice.

6- They take a lower fee for the MBBS course and give high-class accommodation to students at an affordable cost. In addition, they have a furnished room with an attached washroom in the hostel.

7- This college has a knowledge teaching team for the students. The facilitators are very friendly and calm in behaviour and can clear doubt in class.

8- They give the canteen facilities to the overseas students that serve lunch, breakfast, dinner, veg, non-veg. 

After seeing several benefits, let’s know what necessary conditions you fulfil to get admission to North Sichuan Medical University.

Some conditions of admission in North Sichuan Medical University

1- The candidate completes the higher secondary from science stream with biology subject and obtains a 50% in the results.

2- The student is a minimum of 17 years old at the end of the admission cycle. 

3- They qualified for the NEET exam.

4- Medical Report of the student. 

Significant document for admission:

1- 10 and 12 certificates.

2- A passport document.

3- Birth Certificate.

4- Student Visa.

5- Invitation letter from the university.

6- Covid report.

7- Passport-sized photo of the student.

8- NEET Certificate. 

North Sichuan Medical University: Fee structure 

North Sichuan Medical University offers the MBBS tuition fee of approx 31000 RMB. In addition, they take payment via an online mode from the students. 

Other fees they take like a hostel, mess fee, medical expenses around 6000 RMB, and the registration fee is 600 RMB. 

Final word:-

After seeing this vital information, there are more chances to get placement in the top of a hospital in China because they are affiliated with many high-class medical organisations. They also provide many facilities and take the reasonable cost for MBBS, and it is less from many overseas countries. So, we suggest you have the best option to join this college for your medicine in China

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