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Study in Poland: Course, Fees and Living Costs

 If you are planning a study trip to Poland to grow your career, we tell you that Poland has many popular and oldest universities globally. 

Besides, more than 400 colleges and universities have around 1.4 million students taking admission annually in Poland. Moreover, numerous universities use the English language study medium for undergraduate, master’s programs, and other degree programs. 

Therefore, if you want to know more information about studying in Poland and its universities, then you can select the best education consultants. In addition, before choosing Poland as a study destination, you should know more about the top course name,  Fees, and Living Costs, climates, and more information. In this case, you should read this blog.

 So, keep reading and discover more knowledge about Poland’s country as a study destination. 

Benefits for choosing Poland for a study destination:-

Poland is a country that is situated in the centre of Europe. Therefore, studying in Poland adds a good impression to your Academic and professional profile.  Moreover, the country is rising in education, financial, and living conditions.

We give some other pros for study in Poland.

1- Many world-class universities in Poland have a rich history education. Moreover, the universities provide the best education and pay low tuition fees. The plus point is that the degree is recognized all over the world. 

2- The other benefit of studying in Poland is that the living cost is affordable. The apartment’s total cost in Poland is approximately 350 euros, which is the cheapest if we compare it to other study destinations. 

3- There are many job opportunities at the top of the overseas companies and chances to travel while studying in Poland. 

4- The teachers, professors, local people, and students are more friendly to the international student and help you when you are stuck.

5- The teachers used different teaching techniques in the universities. They make a 12 to 15 group when they study theoretical subjects, but in practice, they divide into 4 to 5 students in each group, which helps to easily understand the study.

After seeing the benefits of studying in Poland, you should know about some courses and their tuition fee. 

The tuition fee for study in Poland:- 

The tuition fee of Poland is more affordable if we compare it with our overseas University. On the other hand, the private universities fee is expensive compared to public universities.

 In addition, the total cost varies between 5,29,931.85 to 6,05,636.40 INR for the bachelor’s degree course, and a master’s degree is around 6,81,340.95 for international students. However, it also depends on the course level like MBA, and the Medicine program costs more for pursuing in Poland.

Some tuition costs of the top of the courses for study in Poland. 

1- MBA –

Pushing MBA from a Poland university costs approximately 15,000 EUR per year. However, you can pay more if you choose the best college. 

2- MBBS:-

The MBBS cost in Poland is around 5858 euro per year, but it may increase when you select the top of the University. 

3- Engineering:-

The average cost for doing engineering in Poland is 2000 euro, and for masters, they take around 3000 euro. 

Here we also give some university names that are very popular in Poland, that is, the University of Opole, the University of Agriculture in Karkow, Medical University of Lodz, and Warsaw University of technology.

What are the living costs  in Poland:- 

Apart from teaching and high quality of education, safety in Poland, the living cost is also affordable for international students. Moreover, from the rise of economic development in this country, all living costs are lower compared to other countries. 

You need approximately 500 USD per month for a hostel,  food, and transportation for living in Poland. Moreover, if the student uses the transport card, the travelling costs around 15 to 17 USD. In addition, students have two options for accommodation; the first is to stay in a university hostel or stay in a local hostel. The hostel fee varies from 75 to 95 USD per month for a shared room, but the single room cost is maybe 120 to 180 USD. However, The University hostel fee is different in every city, and the University decides the hostel fee. Besides, the living cost also depends on where to live in the city. 

The food cost for international students is around 100 to 150 Euros. If we are talking about the restaurant cost, then 3 courses of the meal will take approx 24 Euros. The average drink cost is 2 Euros. 

Here are some regular costs for living in Poland for international students.

Bottom line:-

This information is vital for the student before going to Poland for higher study. Higher authorities recognize many reputed universities in Poland, and living costs are also quite affordable, so students take many advantages while studying in Poland. 

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