Why study Engineering in Italy

Why Study Engineering in Italy is the best option for Indian students?

Are you worried about your affordable degrees in Europe because many students are interested in knowing where we can study?

Then this blog serves as the best option and solves your major problem.

Why International students study Engineering in Italy:-

If you thought of studying overseas, then you should choose Italy for various types of carrier opportunities. The benefit of choosing Italy is that the student has no applying fees in many universities and colleges in Italy. IELTS is also the best option to get higher study in Italy.

There are several reasons to choose Italy for study in the engineering field.

Let’s discuss the best ten good reasons that why Indian students should come to Italy to study.

1-Italy is a very popular International study hub because of many top colleges and private and public universities.

2- In Italy, every university provides tuition fees at a reasonable cost for international students. If your talking about the average tuition fee, then it may be taken around 850 to 1,000 EUR/ year.

3- In Italy, the accommodation cost also very less 100-150 EUR/year

4-You can achieve an International recognized degree in Italy, and the cost of the fee is less than if you’re compared with other European countries. In addition, the good thing is you earn the degree that Europe recognizes.

5-If you are International Student, the Italian government and universities provide financial support and scholarship program to every student. You have an option to free study in Italy by scholarship.

6-The Italian is friendly and good, and also Italian government and universities give good support to international students as same as Italian students.

7-All the study programs and teaching in the English language. In addition, every university focus on research, Art, Architecture, and design.

8-  You can apply for permanent visa in Italy after completing your higher degree that the Italian government allows.

9- More benefits, while studying Engineering in Italy you can visit lots of historical architecture

10- In the joinery of your study in Italy, you can gain more life-changing experiences that fulfill your dreams and unleash your boundaries.

Top 5 Engineering colleges in Italy:

1. Polytechnic University of Milan

  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Both English and Italian.
  • Established in 1863 in the artistic city of Milan
  • Over 42,500 students are currently enrolled in the Polytechnic University of Milan.

2. Polytechnic University of Turin

  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Instruction Language Both English and Italian.
  • Founded in 1859 in the metropolitan city of Turin, the Politecnico di Torino is the oldest technical university in Italy.
  • POLITO specializes in industrial design, engineering, IT, and architecture, and houses over 35,700 students from around the globe.
  • Students can choose from 23 Bachelor’s, 30 Master’s, and 16 Ph.D. programs and can study among 11 departments covering all the major engineering sectors.
  • The QS Worldwide University Ranking rated Polytechnic University of Turin as the 47th best engineering university in the world, with a 308th overall worldwide ranking including non-engineering departments.

3. University of Bologna

  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Instruction Language Both English and Italian.
  • It has 33 departments with 101 first-level and 108 second-level programs.
  • The School of Engineering and Architecture contains 6 engineering sections, and 2 more engineering sectors exist out of this school.
  • QS ranked the 160th best university and 119th best engineering school worldwide

 4. Sapienza University of Rome

  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Instruction Language Both English and Italian.
  • The Sapienza University of Rome offers 11 faculties, with 58 departments, among which 10 of them are for engineering.
  • The university offers a total of 280 Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, 200 vocational MS programs, and 80 PhDs. In total 40 of the Bachelor’s and 10 Master’s programs are held entirely in English.
  • It is the 171st best global university and 127th best engineering university in the world.

5. University of Padova

  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Instruction Language Mostly Italian with English.
  • The university was founded in 1222 by the teachers and students of the then University of Bologna

A Complete guide for future engineers:-

What is Engineers?

  • An engineer is a person who applies mathematical principles, different types of experience, uses common sense to make amazing things that give benefits to other people. It provides a specific technical product to meet the user’s needs.
  • Suppose you Think about engineers word in your mind, then developer, designers, coders, tester, and many more words who create amazing things from computers and other things. You can explore your study in the upcoming days.
  • If you are interested in becoming an engineer in any field and study Engineering in Italy, you should have a higher secondary degree with a minimum of 55% marks. The popular course is BTech in the engineering field.

There are many types of engineers –

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Electronic engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Computer Science
  6. Industrial Engineering & many more

What quality need to become a successful engineer:-

  • Deep knowledge about mathematics and science fields.
  • Good communication skills.
  • More creativity and imagination.
  • Teamwork & projects

Why study Engineering in Italy:-

Here are some good tips for an engineer that should Know:-

1- You should attend all the classes that universities give. It means professors can help solve all complex problems and give you the best easier way to solve the problem.

2- Always Ask the question when the lecture has been completed.

3- You should explore and Express your ideas in their respective fields.

Final thought:-This blog gives you a complete guide to becoming a successful engineer and gives the many reasons Why study Engineering in Italy is the perfect place for Indian and international students. You can explore your study in Italy at an affordable cost.

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